Coffee pricing experiment didn’t work

By ayr May 8, 2017

For the past month or so we’ve trailed our Monte Carlos coffee at a lower price point ($2.80 vs. $3.28). We were hoping that lower price point would encourage trial, improve coffee sales, and improve breakfast sales.

Good news is that sales went up for coffee and breakfast.

But they went up at ALL locations, those with the higher price point AND those with the lower price point. So we really can’t measure any improvement at the locations with lower price point (except for lower sales due to the lower price).

So we’re axing the trial. Coffee will be $3.28 at all locations.

Worth a try, right?

BTW, wondering what that drink is above? That’s a cold brew treat we’ve been working on forever. It dates back to our food trip to New Orleans back in 2013. Chicory, coffee, cold brew. We’re doing it on nitrogen. It’s lights out. You can get a preview at CloverHUB or CloverHSQ. We’re working to roll it everywhere.

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