Your lunch $ shapes the future of Massachusetts

By ayr June 6, 2017

That’s my son Blue at Next Barn Over in Hadley, MA. I looked exactly like that when I was 8, except in Kodachrome : ) I want Blue’s kid’s kid’s kid to able to run through fields here in Massachusetts. I hate what Real Estate developers do with their lives. I love what farmers do with their lives. And I’m deeply thankful to Clover’s customers. Together we’re defining the future of Massachusetts.

When you buy a meal without meat you’re saying NO to global warming. Your choice. Not Politicians.

But it’s better than that. We build our menu around what farmers in our region are selling, right now. When you eat at Clover or sign up for a Farm Share that money goes to support a farm. Ray who runs Next Barn Over for example received $107,000 in 2016 from Clover, made possible by your daily actions. You did that. It’s a big deal. Thank you for choosing a future that improves the land.

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