Selling water at Clover

By ayr July 5, 2017

People have been asking to buy bottles of water since 2008 when I opened the first truck. Those first weeks in October 2008 we had 1 sandwich. No sides. No drinks. It wasn’t a statement, I just didn’t have any to sell.

But as we grew I didn’t feel good about selling water in a plastic bottle. And I still don’t. It just feels wrong to transport water in bottles and to throw those plastic bottles away.

So Clover has existed since 2008, in that time we’ve served millions of customers, and we haven’t sold a single bottle of water.

We’re changing that: we’re bottling and selling filtered tap water. This supports our local water systems. And I’ve read that local water often has a better mineral profile than bottled water. We’ve filtered out the chlorine and other stuff with a 2-stage filtration system on site at each restaurant.

We’re charging $2. And refills are free : ). We’re encouraging you all to REUSE the bottles we sell with the water (and other drinks). It’s deliberately sturdy. And it’s not too large, so you can carry it around with you.

Use this bottle at least 4 times, recycle it, and you’re doing a great thing. Better than using our compostable water cups.

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