Clover Beta 2

By ayr July 27, 2017

If you’ve eaten at Clover recently you have found us asking you “when was the last time you ate at Clover?” or some variant.

We’re using this data to do analysis to make Clover better. But we’re also using this question to determine which customers we should be inviting to our Clover App, which is currently in Beta 2 testing phase. Ethan and I did a bunch of work at the end of the first beta, and the new one is so much better. We did the first beta with about 1,000 customers. This time we’re aiming for 10,000 customers. The results of this phase of testing will help us determine what to do next.

The latest Beta has been overhauled to allow for filtering of the menu with a handy little strip at the top of the order screen. The flow of the user interface has been re-worked. We’ve added some cool stuff (the ability to favorite an item for example). And we’ve added some really cool things on the back end (like the ability to print stickers at the restaurants to put on the orders people are picking up, better push notifications of progress, etc.). Keep the feedback coming.

What do you think of this question we’re asking about when was the last time you ate at Clover? Let us know on social media or in person. Have you been invited to the Beta 2 test? Did you try it out?

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