Like bullets: US-grown organic chickpeas (May 22, 2014)

By ayr August 7, 2017


Isn’t this crazy? That’s how we’re receiving chickpeas these days.

Chris has done some amazing work getting us better and better chickpeas. When I started Clover I had no idea there was any difference in the quality of any bean. Then I learned about heirlooms, and that’s a whole world of deliciousness. Then I started to learn that dried beans vary in age, and that impacts taste. Who knew? The fresher beans are amazing. They have a different texture and different taste.

We’ve bought organic chickpeas since the beginning, but we’ve never bought from the US, and never in this quantity. We’re learning chickpeas are specified by size, 7mm, 8mm, etc. Isn’t that crazy? Like bullets.

One of my ambitions is to make Clover’s food quality IMPROVE, not DECLINE as we increase in size. I think there’s this assumption that as things get large they get worse. But it should be the other way, right? We have more intelligence, more experience, more leverage when it comes to sourcing, more resources. We should be using all of that to improve our food quality. And thanks to Chris’ hard work this is happening. Enjoy the best chickpea you’ve ever had today.

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