NOW HIRING: Store Communications Leads

By Lucia August 21, 2017

Lucia here. We’re hiring for Store Communications Leads. This is a position unlike any other. You get paid to talk about food all day! Really. It’s true.

I created this role about 2 years ago for Stacia. She’s the one holding the radishes in the middle. Stacia was studying communications at Lesley, got a part-time job on the Park Street truck, and became really skilled at talking to customers.

Since then we’ve created a whole Communications Department with Store Communications Leads stationed at each store. They train our Clover guides, do store-level marketing (social media, posters, etc), plan events (like that awesome coffee tasting you may have gone to last week), attend bi-weekly meetings with the other SCL’s and sometimes they go to farms to harvest your produce. The position is full-time, $15/hr, with lots of room for growth and development (30% of our current corporate staff started in the Communications Dept.)

This job is for you if you love communicating and telling stories, whether in-person, or in other ways, you love food and hard work, and your heart sings when you meet new people.


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