FREE coffee at CloverFIN next week at breakfast to reveal our new coffee program

By Lucia September 29, 2017

We’re giving away coffee next Tuesday-Friday at CloverFIN in the Financial District to celebrate the launch of our new coffee program. This has been the culmination of months of feedback, testing, and tasting with you all, so to say thanks, we’ll be giving away free cups* of hot coffee, iced coffee, and cafe au lait during breakfast.

So what’s the deal with this new program? We have been working on ways to bring single origin coffee to the masses. We found that a lot of people loved our pourover program, and wanted to see it expanded. So we’re increasing the number of pourovers to 4, and featuring local roasters (George Howell, Barrington, Barismo, and Speedwell.) Those folks will be sending us their favorite coffees each month.

But we also found that not everyone wanted to approach coffee this way. Some people didn’t want to wait for a pourover. Some folks prefer a slightly sweeter, milkier coffee. And some folks were begging for a quicker iced coffee option. So, we’re launching chicory nitro cold brew on tap for those of you who crave that fizzly jolt of cold brew. We worked with George Howell to install a batch brewer and dial in a hot coffee that’s speedier than our usual pourover, but still tasty. And Martina and Chris came up with a beautiful cafe au lait program made with single origin coffee, homemade flavored syrups and steamed milk. And we’re experimenting with bottled drinks too, so you can toss a Clover coffee in your bag or take a few to stock in your fridge.

So come by, bring your friends, get caffeinated on us, and give us some honest feedback on our latest experiment! We’ll need your feedback before we bring this program companywide.

Tuesday 10/3 – Friday 10/6, 7am-11am, or until supplies run out
CloverFIN, 160 Federal Street, Boston

*One cup per person per day. Must be there in person. If you try to take advantage of our staff, we might ask you to leave : )

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