Picking Concord grapes

By Lucia October 10, 2017

We took a trip to Autumn Hills Orchard to pick Concord grapes on rocky, leafy terraces farmed by Ann Harris.

The grapes you’re drinking in your Concord Grape Lemonade were picked by Jane, Stacia, Thonah, Steph, Chris, Martina and me.

If you’ve never tried a Concord Grape, the flavor is *literally* the traditional grape jelly flavor, but pure. It’s also the type of grape used to make Manischewitz wine. When we visited, it was just after a string of hot days. Ann said if there had been one more hot day, the grapes would have cooked on the vine. As it happened, they were the sweetest ever.

Ann’s grapes had a velvety matte surface, this is wild yeast or “must.” Full of good stuff. If you mixed a few of those grapes with flour, you’d have a sourdough starter in 48 hours.

If you’d like to see what a real grape farm looks like, here are some more photos.

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