86 the Meatball Sandwich (Impossible Meat) Boston!

By ayr October 19, 2017

We don’t yell it anymore, but in restaurant slang “86” means you’re out of an item.

I took this picture at 11:58am today at CloverFIN. We had limited supply of the meatballs but they did go faster than we expected. You can read more about why we’re selling these and our initial response at CloverHSQ and CloverHSC. There has also been a ton of press on this.

We’ve been selling these for about a month now at our restaurants in Harvard Square. But today is the first day they have gone company-wide. We’re selling them in Boston for the first time. I’m really curious to see how they will work out.

We’ve been working hard with Impossible to get the amount of product in that we need. We’re going to be a little short these first few days due to supply constraints. So come early! We’re hoping to ramp up the supply as fast as we can.

And tell us what you think! These are a big experiment for us. At the Harvard Square restaurants we’re getting as much as 50% return rates!

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