Winter Moon Roots Farmshare Signups Live!

By Lucia November 9, 2017

When the farmer’s markets shut down, and there are no more tomatoes or corn, is there a way to still eat in season? Introducing the 2017 Winter Moon Roots Farmshare!

We’re working with our favorite winter farmer Michael Docter, who farms organic on the most fertile soil in Massachusetts┬áto offer a Winter share for Clover customers, from mid December to mid March. Here’s how it works. You pay $149.50 up front to Michael. In exchange for that up-front commitment, you get beautiful food, including:

-a huge bag of the best-tasting organic beets, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, turnips, garlic and potatoes in the state, grown organically, and harvested right before the first frost so the roots are super sweet
-a package of fresh heirloom corn tortillas made with heirloom corn grown in Hadley
-a pound of beautiful dry beans grown by Charlie Baer in Maine (varietal changes each pickup)

BTW: This is a really affordable way to eat through the winter. If you bought these exact same products at the winter farmer’s market or a grocery store, you’d pay $250 and if you bought them at the grocery store you’d be out almost $300.

Click here to order your Winter Moon Roots CSA share for pickup at your nearest Clover location.

New this year: the speedy, professional folks at Metro Pedal Power will deliver your share to your house for a one time delivery fee of $80. Click here to order delivery.

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