Broken garlic coming to Clover

By Lucia November 20, 2017

Ray, farmer at Next Barn Over, has been planting garlic.

You can grow garlic too. Separate the head into single cloves. You leave the skin on each clove, and plant it. This won’t work with grocery store garlic, because those are sprayed to stop the clove from sprouting. So find some garlic from a farmer you trust.

Plant your cloves in good soil. After a winter underground, something magical will happen. Each clove will grow into a full head. In the spring you’ll get scapes. And later in the summer you’ll get a full head of garlic.

Ray separated more garlic than he needed. So the rest (900 lbs) is coming to Clover. You’ll taste starting today in falafel, in the sauce for meatballs, and in the soups we’re going to be making each morning. Our kitchen team is happy. One of the most labor-intensive things we do is separating and peeling fresh garlic. 

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