Clover video/ photo studio

By ayr November 20, 2017

That pop-up thing has had some amazing highs (Grillos, the wonderful FoMu, Union Donuts, and the cash for warhol stand out in my mind). But it takes a ton of management to do well, and I just don’t have somebody to put on it. We’re focused on other things (we’re growing 40% or so right now!)

I had an idea. Let’s take our photos for the Clover App here. And videos for training. And let’s finally get our recipes in how-to format? Maybe we can even do some other fun stuff like a podcast? One of our former Clover Guides is doing that in town.

Clementine, my oldest daughter, came in with me on Saturday to give the space a fresh coat of paint. It was really special for me to do this with her. I’m so glad she’s up for it. Clem is the one in the picture when we bought the first truck sitting on the hood. She was only 2 when I quit my job to start Clover. And she wasn’t a small part of my inspiration. I was looking at her everyday thinking “what am I going to do that could make this little baby proud as she grows up… how can I be a role model for her… how can I make the world she inherits a better world?”

If I hadn’t become a father I’m sure I would have toyed with the idea of Clover. But this is a radical idea. Making meat lovers vegetable lovers? It’s nuts at some level. And I don’t think I would have had the guts to quit my job to do this if it wasn’t for that little kiddo looking up at me.

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