We killed the US supply of Kosher Romano

By ayr November 20, 2017

The other day Chris (our VP of Foods) asked me: are we going to keep selling this meatball? I said I didn’t know.

He said, you have to decide, we killed the US supply of Romano, and if we want more they’re going to have to start making it for us. We are selling lotsa meatballs…

We need to commit to at least 3 month. So there you have it. Meatball will be on for at least 3 months.

We love our Kosher certification (not in small part because we love Rabbi Dolinger so much). There are a few things that are a rub. Finding certain cheeses can be tough.

We dev’d the meatball with a non-kosher Romano. And that cheese is awesome for the meatball. It’s not a small part of the magic that makes it work.

But getting Kosher Romano, that’s not so fun. I told Chris no Romano no meatball. And he searched and searched. Reached out to our suppliers (Russo’s, UNFI, even US Foods, no luck). Reached out to the Cheese Guy in NYC. Looked on the internet.

We finally tracked some down. But now it’s gone. But hey, once we lick this thing the Kosher community may have some new cheese options!

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