Boston loves medlars! Only 5 days to try!

By Lucia January 12, 2018

Who would have thought? We launched the Medlar Sandwich yesterday. And it was a blockbuster. We sold 500 medlar sandwiches, and sampled around 500 more medlars and jam to folks who were curious.

This is the type of ingredient you won’t find in most restaurants, definitely not fast food ones like ours. It’s hard to find (it fell out of favor around the turn of the 19th century) and hard to work with (you need to ferment it to coax flavor from it). Most people who’ve heard of a medlar either grew up near farms, or read about them in literature from hundreds of years ago.

We assumed it would be a hard sell, but we were wrong. Rob just let me know that we’re probably going to run out of medlars in 5 DAYS instead of the 2 WEEKS we had hoped. So get in here and try a medlar! You can check availability on the Live Menu or the Clover app. And if you’re still curious, here’s a little medlar slideshow I worked on with Jenny:

Meet a Medlar:

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