Pizza 🍕 emoji

By Lucia January 12, 2018

A bunch of us were having a meeting about the Public Release of the Clover App, coming in mid-February. And we’re all thinking about ways to make the app fun to use. Like, really fun. We want to incorporate some elements of surprise, some elements of playfulness.

Jane said, “You know you can text a pizza emoji (🍕)to Domino’s and a pizza will come.”

Ayr kind of immediately detached from the meeting, and a few minutes later we saw him crouched over his phone. It wasn’t quite as easy as texting the emoji, he did have to enter credit card information. But soon he got a text saying “Roberto is putting the PerfectionCheck on your pizza.” We were not sure if Roberto was real, but 30 minutes later, a pizza did indeed arrive. I thought it was pretty good! I had 2 slices, but admittedly I covered it in Clover hot sauce.

What are your favorite apps that incorporate fun and surprise into the experience? Are there any fast food apps that are actually fun to use?

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