Beer finally flows through the Longwood Medical Area starting 1/11!

By Lucia January 13, 2018

Hey, Longwood. Is there any area in Boston that has fewer places to get a drink? Well, we’re about to change that. First some backstory. When we opened CloverLMA, we noticed there was NOWHERE to get a beer. Ok, there was one place. The great Punter’s Point near Northeastern — and it just closed this winter! I will miss that place. You could sink into booths, escape from the sun into somewhere dark, and stick your head through a hole in the wall and order a pizza from the joint next door. But I digress. Things are about to get a lot more fun in the Longwood Medical Area.

Attention Longwood! Beer goes live this Monday! We’re going to have 5 local beers on tap, each dedicated to a different New England brewer we love. Sam’s amazing lagers from Jack’s Abby. Fun Somerville-brewed beer from our friends at Aeronaut. Delicious session ales from Chris at Notch. Organic beer made by Jon at Peak. The best ginger beer ever, made by Caleb from Farmer Willy’s.

These folks will all be sending us their favorite new brew every month, and we’ll be selling them for just $4. Why so cheap? Because we believe good beer, using local grains, keeping money in our region, should be available to all!

Join us Monday 1/11-Friday 1/15 for a Week of Beer. We’ll be welcoming a different brewer, each day next week, from 4pm-6pm. Sign up using that link, and Scott will make you a delicious snack to pair with your beer.



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