Medlar the person

By Lucia January 13, 2018

Were you able to try a medlar this weekend? If not, we will hopefully have them at most locations Monday and Tuesday, but we can’t guarantee them much longer. Medlar mania is hitting Boston hard, as we realized when we got a very special visitor to CloverDTX on Friday. Fabricio, who leads up communications at CloverDTX, sent this picture. He wrote:

“Today we got a super superrr rare visitor. Please meet Medlar – she heard about the medlar sandwich and had to come give it a try. Medlar’s grandpa used to have a Medlar tree. Maybe that’s why her name’s also Medlar? Hmm…?! 

This photo holds three VERY unique forms of Medlars, isn’t that cool?”

Medlar can now join the gallery of cool Clover customers with cool names, such as Cricket, Saffron, and Yoda. Welcome, Medlar!

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