Popovers in Buffalo, NY

By ayr February 14, 2018

This past weekend we drove to Michigan to visit my family. It was a grueling trip. Heavy snow for 80% of the drive, 35 mph on highway, low visibility, no plows out. The 12 hour trip took 16 hours. We were in Michigan for less than 24 hours then returned through another storm.

But it was all worth it. Because I got to see my Grandmother turn 100! I told her I’d never met a 100 year old before. She said: “What a privilege for you!” She’s always been really witty and funny. That was her joke. Why would she be excited to be 100? But at least the people around her are all excited.

On the way back we stopped in Buffalo at a place called The Original Pancake House. That’s Blue, my son. They just brought him the “Apple Pancake.” It’s sort of like a giant popover with apples folded into it and caramel all over everything. This and their “dutch pancake” are some of the points of inspiration for our popover at Clover.

I worked in Buffalo for a short time years ago and a good friend of mine Colin Brady who grew up in Buffalo told me about this place. It’s a completely unpretentious and absolutely delicious breakfast joint. When you are next in Buffalo give it a try.

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