Clem loves mochi

By ayr March 7, 2018

I’m not sure this one can make it to Clover. Because I’m not sure many Boston customers would love it. But Clementine (yes, the Clementine in the photo of me buying our first truck) LOVES mochi. I’m right there with her. It’s delicious.

Here she is eating some that was just grilled over a bbq and smothered with a sugary soy sauce. (I was told that technically this is Dango, not mochi, but it is mochi so I think this is a language thing not a good distinction.)

Mochi is made from an extremely glutenous rice, it’s short grained and really sticky. The mochi is really chewy and used in all sorts of sweets.

We bought mochi at Street markets, 7/11, at Buddhist temples, at train stations, we were served it at tea ceremonies, it was everywhere.

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