Thank you Brookline Village!

By Lucia April 20, 2018

I snapped this picture 5 years ago on our opening day in Brookline Village. I remember feeling such love and excitement from the community there. People were coming up to us and just saying thank you. And while that feeling hasn’t subsided at all, today’s the last day of our restaurant in Brookline. Our lease came up for its 5-year renewal and we decided not to renew. Our restaurant in Longwood (only 1 mile away) is rocking. And there are a bunch of potential exciting opportunities for new Clovers in Boston this year that we are focusing on.

This week David (the manager) and his team have been giving out vouchers to all their regulars that they can use at CloverLMA. And you’ll spy these staff members at other Clover locations.

We’ve had a great time being part of this little town within a city. If you’re a resident of the Village stop by today to say goodbye.

Photo from today by @mabfan on Twitter

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