Chickens eat Clover

By Lucia May 14, 2018

You all have your favorite Clover items, but did you know that chickens have their own favorites too?

Michael, a customer at CloverHSC, noticed that we composted. He wrote to us asking if he could bring some vegetable scraps home to his ladies in Somerville. Lynn and the team filled up a 22-quart bucket of raw scraps. Michael wrote to us with the results.

They ate:
– Kale stalks
– Lettuce
– Carrots
They didn’t really eat:
– Eggplant (although I have seen them eat cooked eggplant)
– Sweet potatoes (although I have seen them eat it cooked)
They didn’t touch:
– Onions
– Scallions
This is the best kind of composting, food going straight back into the system with no nutrients lost. We’re going to take these preferences into account as we continue gathering snacks for Michael’s chickens. Maybe he’ll bring us eggs in return one day!
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