Bring your own bottle!

By Lucia June 17, 2018

With the release of the Clover app, we’ve been taking a hard look at our waste and the amount of to-go packaging we’re generating. It’s been a lot. And although our packaging is compostable, most folks are taking it to-go, and unless your office is awesome and offers composting, it’s likely that all that packaging will end up in a landfill. It’s a shame for an item to only get used once, and it kind of started scaring us.

We did an experiment at CloverFIN, removing the free stacks of water cups near the water station. We found that we massively reduced the amount of cups we were buying. We noticed more and more customers coming in with their own bottles, it was really cool to see.

We’re going to roll this change out everywhere. No more stacks of cups. Of course, if you need a cup, just ask us, they’re still free for you to take.

And now for the fun part/product plug. We’ve designed some really fun tumblers with MiiR. They’ll keep your tea hot or your lemonade cool for hours, and $1 from each purchase will go towards trackable clean water and health projects. They will be for sale for $20 at some of our locations. And if you bring your own bottle, we’re happy to make your coffee/tea/other drink in there so you can spare a cup.

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