Little Wolf’s Chris Gatti’s grinder recommendation

By ayr July 12, 2018

My home coffee grinder broke. It’s been a bummer. I tried to fix it myself and it’s really gone.

I reached out to Chris Gatti, roaster at Little Wolf Coffee and asked his recommendation. He geeks out pretty hard on coffee equipment. He told me to go out and get a Baratza Vario. He suggests getting the steel burrs which is a factory option. Thought I’d share with any of you considering a nice grinder for home. A good choice if you aren’t going to spend that much on a grinder is the Encore (that’s the one I have that just broke). Alternatively if you’re not into spending $450 or even $130 on a grinder, we’re always happy to grind coffee beans that we sell at our restaurants. Just ask!

The grinders we use at Clover are also Baratza, but they are a more expensive ($1200) model with a commercial motor, an amazing scale built in that allows for perfect dosing, and upgraded grinding plates we spec when we order them. Really nice but way out of reach for home use.

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