Yeah Vi — me too

By ayr August 13, 2018

Since day 1 of restaurant #1 everything we hand our customers has been compostable. And I think I’ve told myself as I watched videos of sea turtles that our straws aren’t as bad because they are compostable. But I know that even the compostable straws (1) aren’t really needed, and (2) can get places we don’t want them.

This picture is Violet my youngest. She found this (non compostable) straw with its signature McDonald’s stripes and patented extra large soda-sucking diameter. We were camping at an Island in Maine called Warren Island. It took us 5 hours of driving a ferry boat and a canoe ride to get there. And Violet found a straw.

For what?

Can’t we be as happy, as productive, as hydrated without straws? If we remove the straws from our restaurants will you still love us? I think it’s time to find out.

(The picture: That’s Violet. I told her I wanted to grab a photo of the straw she was showing me. The angry face was her idea. She wanted anybody who saw the picture to know how mad it made her. Yeah Vi — me too.)

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