Ayr Just doesn’t get it…

By ayr August 22, 2018

We’ve had vegans asking for years for more breakfast options. Right now it’s muffins, oatmeal, or overnight oats if you’re vegan.

Just, Inc., makers of the Just Mayo we love, brought us this new egg product made from mung beans. Honestly the first few versions we tasted weren’t ready for prime time. But the latest, it’s pretty remarkable. It’s not like our gooey 6.5 min egg we feature on our iconic Classic Breakfast Sandwich. But it’s pretty yummy. It made me think of Italian-American sub/ pizza shops featuring pepper egg sandwiches and we started playing with a breakfast sandwich made from Just Egg.

We’ve decided to serve it with provolone cheese. Yup. The egg product is vegan. And we are adding cheese to it.

The image above is from the final product tasting with Chris (food at Clover) and Martina (food dev at Clover). We all agreed that it’s just a much better sandwich with the Provolone. For the vegans out there don’t worry, you can ask and we’re happy to make you a vegan version.

I know this decision is going to frustrate some. And I wish I could say the sandwich tasted better without the cheese. But that would be a lie. The current iteration is absolutely delicious and I think it is the right choice. We want to introduce our 97% of customers who are not vegan to this revolutionary new product. And we want that experience to be amazing. And yes, the cheese and Just Egg are all kosher.

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