How do you feel about tofu?

By ayr August 23, 2018

On my way up to visit Heiwa tofu last week I stopped at a place called Mister Bagel. I was set to meet Jeff early. He starts his days at 6am and not many places are open that early. And everybody knows I like bagels.

At the bagel place there was a pretty substantial menu of “tofu cream cheese” options. Since I was on my way to see tofu being manufactured I figured I had to try that spread. I asked the lady working there what she thought of it. Unedited response below:

“Well… it’s tofu. I really don’t like tofu. I guess it’s the texture, and lack of flavor. I just don’t like it.”

This my friends is exactly what Clover has almost no tofu on the menu. People have a strong negative reaction towards tofu.

Funny thing was that the tofu spread was really really good. Super fresh, delicious. Way better than any non-dairy cream cheese I’ve had before. Honestly, I think if that spread was passed off as Boar’s Head’s latest cream cheese nobody would have questioned whether it was dairy. It was worlds closer to real cream cheese than the plastic excuse for cream cheese you can get at Dunkin. Sorry Dunk, I love you irrationally because I grew up here in New England, but your cream cheese is an insult.

Food is so cultural!! In anycase I’d encourage even the tofu haters out there to approach Heiwa tofu with an open mind. The Clover Zucchini Sandwich is a blockbuster, and it’s featuring Heiwa’s tofu!

How do you feel about tofu? Are you a hater? Have you tried to like it in the past?

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