Support your Western Massachusetts farmer

By Lucia August 28, 2018

The sun is shining. It’s hot outside. But the word coming to us from farms is RAIN. Western Massachusetts (where we source most of our produce this time of year) has experienced one of the rainiest summers in the past 10 years. And although it’s dried up now, Ray at Next Barn Over and Dave at Stone Soup are seeing the results of the incessant rain: entire fields of lovingly-planted crops are waterlogged and rotting on the vine.

We were all set to launch the Heirloom Tomato Sandwich last Wednesday. Warm pita, a bit of mayo, sliced Grafton cheddar, a bit of lettuce, and a thick steak of heirloom tomato. It’s one of our simplest and best-loved sandwiches. It’s live now!¬†but not because we decided to source from California. We’ve been able to cobble together tomatoes from multiple farms, including these beauties from Lindentree that you see in the photo.

If you have a little extra spending money, choose one of our seasonal sandwiches for lunch today. Pick up a bouquet of local flowers. Consider signing up for a CSA. Your choices can send $$$ to local farmers when they need it the most.

An interesting twist to all this strange weather? Fall crops are doing really well. We might get sweet potatoes earlier this year than ever before (did somebody say JSP?)

UPDATE: We might have to pull by Thursday this week : (


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