Welcome Rolando, Clover’s chef

By Lucia September 24, 2018

This is Rolando Robledo, Clover’s chef. We’re absolutely thrilled to have him on board. Rolando found his way to Clover by way of The French Laundry, the Waldorf, and most recently, Johnson and Wales as a professor. He’s going to be working the food truck with me full time for the first 6 weeks and we’re going to be serving the best fast food MIT has ever seen.

You’ll be hearing more about Rolando and the expanding Clover team as we develop the menu and get the truck up and running.

-Ayr, September 24, 2008

It’s getting closer. Our 10 year anniversary is October 29. And if we get 10,000 followers on Instagram by that day, we’ll roll back prices on 10/29/18 to those early days. $5 sandwiches, $2 drinks. 


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