You have to know someone who knows someone

By Lucia September 26, 2018

This fall, everything has been coming up early. Sweet potatoes are already in. We’re launching the Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich today (at least if you’re an app user.)

And Paw Paws are coming on Tuesday. Paw Paw is a special alien fruit, never before seen in restaurants or on grocery store shelves. It’s native to the Northeast, but has more in common with tropical fruits. We spent 4 years tracking down someone who grows them. Now every fall, a shipment magically arrives on Ayr’s front steps. He carefully drives them into Clover, and we sell them until they’re all gone. I don’t even know the name of the farmer. It’s all very secretive.

Join us at all locations starting Tuesday 10/2, we’ll be featuring the elusive Paw Paw in soda, and sampling them throughout the day until they’re sold out.


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