What does a sweet potato harvest sound like?

By Lucia September 27, 2018

Jane, Jenny and I went to Next Barn Over last week to watch the sweet potato harvest. It sounds like roots ripping, farmers laughing, boots squishing mud, iPhone cameras snapping. Quiet fields with the occasional pickup truck driving past.

Some of the sweet potatoes were so big this year that the farmers were taking the kind of photos you’d take if you caught a big trout.

Why did the sweet potatoes do so well this year? The soil at Next Barn Over is fed by a floodplain. Ray calls it “sugar sand” because it’s so perfect for growing sweet potatoes. It’s incredibly good for growing all kinds of food, but especially sweet potatoes. And this year the hot, humid summer made the sweet potatoes very happy (they are a tropical vegetable by nature.) This year the harvest was 150% better than expected. You can find Ray’s amazing sweet potatoes all over the menu. In fact you can make an entire meal just eating sweet potatoes. See if you can find them all!

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