Where is the Brussels?

By ayr October 1, 2018

All year people ask me when we will launch the Brussels Sprout Sandwich. But right now it’s different. People are getting emails from our competitors telling them that Brussels are on the menu. They are hitting instagram feeds.

Brussels aren’t in season yet, not in New England.

It’s really confusing when we’re approaching autumn and you get a promotional email from one of our competitors touting “early access to Brussels sprouts.” And it’s understandable why you would ask us why we don’t have Brussels when others do. For Clover it’s hard to know how to talk to this sort of thing. I don’t want to call anybody a liar. But I think it’s reasonable for customers to wonder why we aren’t serving the Brussels right now.

I had Chris call all of our farmers to make sure, just to double check that they hadn’t come early this year or something. They haven’t.

It’s the pumpkin spice latte effect.

Meanwhile we wait. Because patience allows us to do some great things. When we do serve the Brussels, they will taste amazing. Out of this world. And because we are patient your dollars will get to farmers in Massachusetts instead of disappearing who knows where. And maybe, with such spot on Brussels, we’ll have the chance to convert some more skeptics and haters and spread the love of Brussels sprouts.

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