By ayr October 5, 2018

On our order system each item has a short acronym. So if you work at Clover and take a lot of orders you start to get to know the Chickpea Fritter as CHK and the Japanese Sweetpotato Sandwich as JSP.

This past week the Japanese Sweetpotato crushed the Chickpea Fritter Sandwich in sales. And even the poor Sharan got bumped (a week ago it was challenging the Chickpea). So right now Sweetpotato is king of the hill.

We started serving the Japanese Sweetpotato in 2014 when Ray, a farmer we work with, had a ton of sweetpotatoes. It’s been getting more and more popular every year since. Last year the only sandwiches more popular were the Brussels Sprout and the Chickpea Fritter.

Let’s keep it up. When you buy this sandwich you support Ray who is one of our favorite farmers. We love getting them $. Let’s make 2018 the biggest sweet potato year ever.

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