Knock Knock Paw Paw

By ayr October 16, 2018

The past 3 Sunday evenings I’ve gotten a knock on the door. It’s Paw Paw for Clover! I get bushels of paw paw delivered at my house. I put them in the back of my car and bring them into Clover. And we’ve been sampling them at the restaurants. Look for them today.

Paw what? If you haven’t had one It’s a crazy tropical-like fruit that is native to North America. I spent a couple of years trying to find somebody growing them in Massachusetts. A friend knew a friend and voila, paw paw. It tastes like a cross between a banana and a mango, but distinctly different. The texture is like custard. It has big black seeds.

We’ve been featuring these crazy rare fruit for a few years now. We may literally be the only restaurant in MA serving paw paw. Stop in at your favorite Clover and ask to taste one. You never know, you might even get one to take home… Paw Paw invasion!

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