I didn’t think Clover would work

By ayr October 18, 2018

For years I kept this little secret to myself. When I quit my job I didn’t think my idea that became Clover would work. I thought I’d fail. I’d been dreaming about a company that would help meat lovers become vegetable lovers. But I couldn’t find any examples of people who had pulled this off. I didn’t know if there was a vegetable-based menu that would be compelling to meat eaters. Heck, we didn’t even have terms like “plant-based” back in 2008.

And I really didn’t think it would work. But I quit my job anyway. I’d been reading about the environmental impact of the meat industry and I just thought somebody had to take a crack at this, why not me? If I could get meat eaters to trade out for a meal that was 100% vegetables I could do something really important for the world.

Here we are 10 years later. 10/29/18 is our 10th birthday. We didn’t open a restaurant until 2012, but we sold our first sandwich way back in 2008.

This is me saying hi to Clementine, my daughter, who must have been one of my first customers that day. Look at me. I’m wearing a collared shirt. I had no idea what was ahead! Today we are the fastest growing restaurant company in Boston. And 90% of our customers are NOT vegetarian. Wow. Happily there are a bunch more plant-based restaurants happening right now. It’s awesome. But I don’t know any that are primarily serving meat eaters. This is awesome. Thank you all for making it happen.

This year on our birthday 10/29/18 we’re going to roll back our prices to what you see on that menu in the picture above. Yup. It will be app only. So if you’re not using the Clover App already get it on your phone or laptop. We built it in house from scratch and it rocks.

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