Grafton smoked cheddar

By ayr December 3, 2018

If you had the Delicata Squash Breakfast Sandwich on Friday, or the Brussels Sprout Sandwich or Platter you may have tasted cheddar we house smoked.

We’ve been buying Grafton Cheddar since the start of Clover. I grew up in Massachusetts but right on the VT border and I’ve loved sharp cheddar as long as I can remember. Grafton is one of my absolute favorites. And they are an amazing organization.

A few years ago we started working more closely with them to get Kosher runs of cheese. Even the smoked is kosher. But we did have a little supply hic up the other day. Our fault. We didn’t order enough. They had to do an emergency smoke for us! In the meantime Chris put our Angelpro oven to use and smoked some in house!

(pic is from a staff field trip we made to make cheese at Grafton!)

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