A mallet is absolutely a kitchen tool

By ayr December 4, 2018

Believe it or not that Hubbard Squash is one of the smaller specimens. No joke. We’re testing a new snack at CloverLMA made from this beast of the squash world. Get it now (CloverLMA only).

Hubbard Squash is one of those things I’d heard of by name but for a long time I didn’t really know what it was. When I first encountered one myself it was really intimidating, and exciting. My kids loved it. We brought home a giant 35 lbs Hubbard from our CSA and had at it. The thing was larger than my kids. And they all loved cracking it open.

I LOVE squash. It’s very New England. It’s very fall. Those are things I really like : )

But you might not know that squash is loaded with nutrients. They are powerhouses. Really amazing. And you can use squash in so many ways. I love roasting it at a high temperature and putting a bit of salt, maybe some maple syrup on it. But it’s also amazing in breakfast sandwiches (Delicata Breakfast Sandwich has a fan club), soup, salads, pie, cocktails. It’s great sweet or savory.

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