Eat like an insider: Sam

By ayr December 6, 2018

We have a little feature on the Clover Order Ahead App called “Eat Like an Insider.” It was an idea we had back when we were first playing with app design. The goal would be that users of the app might try some items and discover things they love. We thought a good path would be to ask people we love in Boston to recommend the items they are digging on Clover’s menu.

It’s also an opportunity to bring attention to chefs and other food people who are killing it in Boston.

Sam just showed up on the feature. I’ve known Sam for a while, mostly because I’m an admirer of what he does. I brought him Paw Paws back when we got our first batch in an he made me a spontaneous daiquiri.

He runs the best cocktail shop in town: Backbar and has been working hard at his craft for years. The pic above is one a snapped the other night. He was giving me a preview of the Wakanda inspired cocktail that he’s rolling out tonight. If you haven’t been to Backbar check them out. So amazing. Thanks Sam!

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