Let the bletting begin!

By ayr December 7, 2018

Last year I learned of this medieval fruit called a Medlar. Yeah. I’d never ever even heard that word before.

Then I was introduced to another new word: blet. It’s a verb. You blet something. Isn’t that so Medieval sounding!!!

Shakespeare wrote about them, Chaucer did too, so did Cervantes. They have a wild flavor, and were once eaten as an after-dinner delicacy alongside madeira.

After this fruit is harvested it has to be bletted. My spell correct isn’t even recognizing that as a real word! Making this hard to write! Anyway, you basically let it ripen off tree in a controlled environment.

Last year our entire supply sold out in 5 days. We’re going to do this again. And I think it might go even faster. Target launch is Thursday. App customers will get to order first. So if you’re not yet on the app go there now. Though of course that depends on the bletting…

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