First batch of online merch orders shipping out

By Lucia December 16, 2018

Fabricio (DTX) sent this picture the other night from the post office. It warmed my heart because it represented the first batch of online merch orders! Someone’s getting Clover under the Christmas tree this year : )

People have been asking us if they can buy Clover merch online forever. This month we finally set up a little Holiday Shop, where you can buy T-shirts, hats, tumblers, posters, stickers, popover mixes, and even a chefs knife that we made as a collaboration with famous knife-maker Adam Simha. Fabricio is leading up the project and we’re using Shopify as the back-end. Hoping that makes things streamlined. If you order, let us know what you think, or if there are other things you’d like to see.

My mom was the first person to order (I think that poster tube is heading to Austin). If you need a last minute holiday gift, we can ship priority today. Head here to browse.

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