War Fries

By ayr December 17, 2018

This time of year our French Fries are being made from Potatoes shipped down from Prince Edwards Island. We ran through the last of the Hadley, MA potatoes in November. For Clover French Fries were the Impossible Meatball before Impossible. They’ve been a gateway for new customers to taste Clover.

We’ve been playing with loaded fries testing at CloverHSQ. The inspiration came from a trip I had to Disneyland. No joke. They had a loaded fries in the Animal Kingdom that had cucumber tomatoes tahini. I thought that might be fun to try with our fries. It bombed.

Then we tried Marinara fries. It’s had a really strong response.

Next up we’re going to try “War Fries.” They are testing at CloverHSQ this week. Personally I’m not nuts about these but others at our food dev meeting loved them. It’s a popular option in the Netherlands. In fact at that food dev meeting we had a customer who was Dutch who kept tasting them saying “they taste like home!”

Peanut sauce, mayonnaise, chopped onions. Try them and tell us what you think.

And if you have something for us to taste bring it to food dev! Open to EVERYBODY and free, but please sign up before coming.

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