A customer at DTX baked us 2 olive cakes!

By ayr December 27, 2018

We’ve been playing with semolina cake. You can try some at CloverHSC (Harvard Science Center). Martina has been spearheading that. I got the idea when in Paris. Most places had a couple of loaf-style cakes that were under glass. They would sell by slice. It was fun. And super yummy.

Martina is from Rome and was really excited about this idea. The current iteration is a semolina cake with olive oil and soaked in a light syrup.

One of our customers baked and brought us 2 cakes to try. That’s amazing. She even printed up little cards describing each. Food is such a beautiful vehicle to connect us all. Thank you thank you thank you!

If you have something for us to try (or if you just want to taste the things others bring) sign up for food dev! Every Tuesday at 3pm. Free but please sign up first.

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