What is Hasty Pudding?

By Lucia January 31, 2019

Get ready to be confused. Hasty Pudding is a porridge, and it is a play.

Today we’ll be giving out free samples of Clover Hasty Pudding all morning at CloverHSQ (1326 Mass Ave.) Hasty Pudding (the food item) is a term for a porridge. Jasper’s making up a wheat porridge using Maine Grains wheat, leeks, onions, cream and nutmeg. Our recipe is something that the original founders of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals might have eaten back in 1795!!

Why today? Today at 2:45, the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Parade comes through Harvard Square, and Clover is on the parade route. This year, the Woman of the Year is Bryce Dallas Howard, who has been advocating for more women in Hollywood, in addition to maybe doing battle with a T-rex in the new Jurassic Park.

Which is why there is a dinosaur on our window today. Join us in t-7 minutes for Hasty Pudding (or come watch the parade from our warm restaurant this afternoon.) It is going to be a weird, wonderful, historic day at CloverHSQ.

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