This soup is so popular it is hurting our sales

By ayr February 16, 2019

We added a hearty soup to our menu a few weeks ago. It’s selling bonkers. One of those items that is quickly becoming this cult favorite. And I was looking around at the table I was sitting at earlier today and wondering, wow, that’s a lot of people with soup. So I ran some analysis. And guess what: this soup is so popular right now that at $5.89 it is measurably hurting our overall sales. It’s so hearty many customers are opting for a soup lunch and skipping our sandwiches ($8.87+).

The loss in sales isn’t great. We’ll have to figure that out. But it’s so so wonderful people are eating so much soup. Soup is one of the best vehicles for nutrients, and it’s a great way to use local vegetables. And the carbon footprint couldn’t be better. Soup actually delivers on everything people imagine salads to be.

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