Joseph didn’t know we are vegetarian. Awesome

By ayr February 21, 2019

See that amazing picture of me? Yeah. Well obviously I’m joking. It’s a terrible picture of me. But it’s here because of the other guy in the shot. That’s Joseph. We just hired him for a tech role. He’s a computer programmer. We have more programming roles open, if you’re interested please reach out.

But that pic? We were welcoming him to the team and Lucia (creative director) and Jane (marketing manager) and I were chatting with him about Clover. It came up that there is no meat on the menu. Joseph, who had taken the job and had already been working with us for a few weeks at the time said: “wait, Clover’s not entirely vegetarian is it?”

That’s awesome. I read an article the other day where people were trying to figure out how to best help people move away from meat for the planet. It’s becoming less of a rebel thing and more of an institutional point of view lately. The study concluded that the way to get people to eat less meat is to make the vegetables sound more delicious. Yes. We agree. And here we are, 90% of our customers are NOT vegetarian (despite the fact that there is no meat on the menu).

Vegetables are for everybody. And the future we imagine requires we get hard core carnivores hooked on veggies. So help us. Recommend us. And let us know what we can do to make more of this great stuff happen.

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