Meatball. Year 2

By ayr February 24, 2019

That little pic is a bit fuzzy. But this whole Impossible meatball thing has been sort of a whirlwind right? This drawing was left by a customer. It says: “me without meatball [frown] me with meatball [smile].”

I wasn’t sure what Clover would be with a meatball a year ago. We had testing data from CloverHSQ run of the meatball. But we weren’t really sure how it would work company-wide. Turns out it has been amazing.

Most importantly? Those meatballs are nuts delicious. The Impossible “meat” (which is made of zero dead animals) makes the best meatball. We’ve had MULTIPLE customers tell us they are the best meatballs they’ve ever had. Every. We’re talking people with grandmothers they call “nonna.” I’m not making this up. Remember Matty B’s voicemail?

The best thing about this sandwich is that it’s opened the Clover door to lots and lots of people who probably wouldn’t have come in otherwise. Our business is getting meat lovers, hard-core committed carnivores hooked on veggies. And this meatball has proven a potent weapon.

This “temporary” sandwich is earning it’s place on our menu. Long live the Impossible Meatball!

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