Ditch blends?

By Lucia March 29, 2019

Over the years, we’ve served you carrots from single farms, tomatoes from single farms, even medlars and paw paws from single farms. But did you know we’ve also been serving coffees from single farms? 98% of the coffee you find in Boston is a blend of beans from multiple farms or even multiple countries. There’s a reason for that. Commodity coffee is cheap. You can cover up imperfections by roasting dark and adding tons of cream and sugar.

And that coffee can be really yummy. But we are addicted to the wild flavors of single origin coffees. These coffees are more expensive. They are grown on estates where farmers are paid a bit more for their work. Last month, Ayr and Chris had the chance to visit El Salvador with George Howell to meet Carlos Batres, the owner of Montecarlos, a volcano turned into a coffee farm. Expect more photos and videos about their trip soon. If you’re by during the mornings all month, we’ll be celebrating 9 years of single origin at Clover by sampling out some killer pourovers.

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