2019 version of writing on the side of the truck

By Lucia April 11, 2019

New menus are up! If you’ve been by during the last month, you may have noticed some changes. This is the result of a lot of hard work from Ethan and Joseph, I can’t even admit that I understand all of what they did. But because of their programming work, we were able to put into place some ideas that Ayr and I have had for a while. These changes are mostly aimed at newer customers. We want to keep the menus very clean and simple, encourage conversation, but maybe hint a little bit more at some of our environmental and sourcing practices.

  1. Text is centered instead of justified-right. This is a subtle one, but reminds us a little bit of fine dining menus.
  2. We got rid of the nutritional information next to each item (you can still see full nutritionals if the item is highlighted in the center) but we noticed not that many people were using protein count to make decisions.
  3. We added some headings. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES and DRINK YOUR VEGETABLES. Tea = a plant. Coffee = a plant. Kumquat = a plant. Drink your plants!
  4. Our categories got a bit more creative. Instead of the heading “Hot drinks” and “Cold drinks” we now have: “In a hurry,” and “Teas and Herbs” and “Squeezed to order.”
  5. Platters and sandwiches got combined. This was basically to save space, and cut down on repetition. We also added a call-out to seasonality, with our “limited by growing season” category.
  6. We’re thinking of doing floating images over black instead of white. This picture was taken when this was still halfway-done.

Let us know what you think if you’re by.

More pictures plus some early sketches below. 

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