Vinyl and paint. New murals

By ayr May 1, 2019

I love posters. When I was a student at MIT we were living in this buzzing new digital world. Early text. Early email. Early everything digital. But the way I learned about new events/ lectures/ or just strange and cool things that were happening around campus was strictly analog: posters hanging in the infinite corridor.

When I was a kid I remember the distinct smell of the co-op, my parents grabbing cardboard boxes to put their groceries in, while I stared at the giant bulletin board. Different ideas and events were stacked on top of one another.

I love seeing stickers for bands and other things on light poles and transformer boxes.

Street art. Posters. Bulletin boards. Murals. I love all that.

Boston and Cambridge, not so much. I’ve had employees threatened with arrest for posting. So we stopped doing that.

We haven’t given up on murals in our stores. That picture is Lucia working on our latest mural. We’ve been playing with using vinyl to make it easier to get murals up in more locations. For this latest mural about coffee Lucia combined vinyl with paint. Which I think is an awesome effect. The one below at CloverDTX (27 School St.) looks stunning. We’re going to put these up at more restaurants over the coming weeks.

What is your favorite poster/ mural/ sticker/ street art? Do you like Cambridge/ Boston aggressive prohibition of this sort of expression?

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