Rhubarb Pie for grandma

By ayr June 11, 2019

Rhubarb is back. As many of you know I grew up with rhubarb and love love love it. It feels like childhood to me.

My Grandmother is at the end of her life right now. She’s 101 years old. She and my mom are responsible for my love of pie. They taught me how to make pie. And a few years ago my grandma taught my kids.

I was on the phone with my grandma earlier today talking to her about things that are happening. She likes to hear your voice right now. She can’t talk much. But she managed to say enthusiastically “pie!” I told her I’d like to make her a rhubarb pie with some vanilla ice cream and she said “now you’re talking” clear as day.

We don’t have rhubarb pie on the menu, but rhubarb is in season in New England. And until it is gone we’ll have a killer rhubarb granola, rhubarb with oatmeal, rhubarb aqua fresca, and rhubarb vanilla jam (thank you Martina for that recipe!!!)

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