“Boba” at Clover

By Lucia July 11, 2019

We’re testing drinks sealed in the style of boba tea. Credit for this idea comes from Xian Famous Foods in NYC, who make and seal their drinks this way. We’ve always thought it looked really slick.

Earlier this year, we found we were wasting tons of plastic using bottles. Chris hunted down a sealer and some post-consumer-recycled plastic cups and lids. All told, this new method uses about 1/3 less plastic of our bottles. It’s also helpful for operations, because we are able to make drinks at the commissary, pack them, and send them to locations. I think they look really pretty in the fridge, you can clearly see the bright colors.

So far the response from customers has been great. The downside? You don’t get to see your drinks being made (unless you are a CloverHUB customer.)¬†And people don’t know to stab through the lid with the boba straw. We’ve had to make some extra signage to make that more clear : )

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